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In the medieval town of Figeac, in the Lot (46, France, I have started my little agency in web editing and translations. You want to know more about web editing? Please read on:

What is a Web Editor?

What can I do for you?

Why a Web Editor in Figeac, France ?

Web Editor for the Whole Wide World(in theory!)

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What is a Web Editor?

Web editor is, as it is related to the Internet, a « 3d millennium » profession. Internet has changed our lives, obviously, but also our way of reading. When reading on a screen, we don’t read the same way as when we have a paper or book in our hands.

On screen, we swipe a text with our eyes, instead of reading all the words.

That’s why writing got new rules too, writing for the web, or web editing.


Therefore, web editing is writing content that is made for screens. Scientific and other curious people have studied this phenomenon of “screen-reading” in order to optimise the reading experience of internet users. The readers want to find the information they are looking for quickly, but at the same time you need to make them want to read on and stay on your website.

Information needs to be concise and comprehensible, written in a dynamic manner, and all pages of your site will need to be written in the same way.

A web editor not just writes for internet users. A web editor also writes for search engines, mostly Google but there are others (yes there are!). An SEO web editor writes according to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) rules in order to improve the ranking of the site in search engines. The web editor:

  • improves your ranking on the SERP;
  • regularly adds new, updated SEO content to your site;
  • writes texts with your keywords;
  • writes content that is concise, interesting and personalised for you;
  • proposes a comfortable reading experience;
  • offers valuable information to readers and therefore, adds value to your site!

As a web editor, I can supply you with interesting and SEO articles to make sur Google, and thus your potential readers, find their way to your site. When I say Google, that means other search engines too.

What can I do for you?

Writing articles of 300, 500 or 1000(+) words takes times and ask for knowledge about writing. 300 is the minimum in order to be found by search engines. If you lack either time of writing skills, I can write these texts for you!  I supply original articles that are readable on screen, informative and SEO. I can therefore increase your traffic, give you better visibility on the web and improve your notoriety in your field.


I can also write your newsletters that you send to your followers. This can be about important events in your company, innovations in your field or other important information. A newsletter gets your readers to visit your site regularly, thus creating customer loyalty.


If you have a blog, but not enough time or inspiration to publish new content on a regular basis, which is essential for a blog, I can write your blog posts. A blog can enhance your ranking in search engines, if you don’t have one yet, give it some thought!


You might want to offer an eBook or a white paper to your followers, which is also a great way to attract new prospects and get their contact information. i.e. their email addresses so that you can send them above mentioned newsletter.  I write eBooks and white papers for you !


All of the above, I can write in either English, French or Dutch, the latter being my native language. This means I can help you open doors in a bigger part of Europe, or the world.

Why a Web Editor in Figeac, France?

I started my little agency of web editing and translation in Figeac, France. I am not going to lie to you, this is basically because that is where I live. So, the question could have been « Why not… »?


In summer, the Lot (46) is invaded (this is meant positively!) by tourists, mostly from Great Britain, The Netherlands and Belgium. If you are in the tourist activity, why not work with a local editor and translator to address your current and potential customers? You can for example send out newsletters with good deals in Dutch to the Dutch.


Your company has customers abroad? Or maybe your company tries to attract customers from other countries? If you have a multilingual website, I can supply articles in English, in French and in Dutch, these articles will be SEO and comfortable to read. The same counts for eBooks, white papers, blog posts…

Web Editor for the Whole Wide World (in theory!)

What’s really great about the internet is the possibility to communicate with wherever on the planet, which can be done from my home in Figeac. I can very well work for customers in Lille or Brussels, for customers in England or Scotland or even customers in the USA. In order to work with me, need text just has to be needed in English, French or Dutch. Wherever you are, I would be more than happy to write website articles, blog posts, white papers or newsletters for you!

Contact Me

If you would like to get in touch and see what I can do for you, please contact me on this page. I will get back to you very quickly (generally within 24 hours).