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Seven-and-a-Half Valid Reasons to Create a Multilingual Website

Offering a multilingual website is, depending on your activity, a necessity. Especially in Europe where countries are small (compared to other parts of the world) and many languages are spoken, sometimes even several languages in the same countries (Belgium, Switzerland…). Unless you are a local company with only local clients, with no ambitions to go abroad, there are multiple reasons to translate your website.

1.      Translating a Website Is a Very Profitable Marketing Tool

For international or global expansion of your business, a multilingual website is a non-expensive tool compared to other tools used in marketing. Tools such as advertising will be much heavier on your marketing budget.

Your multilingual website can allow you to build brand awareness, you can quite easily reach potential new customers and build relationships with them. if your website has a strong (multilingual) SEO, it attracts a bigger audience and will therefore strongly improve awareness around your brand and product.

2.      A Multilingual Website Increases Your Sales

This is an obvious benefit, the more people visit your site, the more you will sell. Especially is you keep in mind that internet buyers (unconsciously) have the motto “can’t read, won’t buy”. 1 This survey done amongst some 2400 consumers in 8 nations shows clearly that when a consumer cannot (or not easily) read your website, he or she will not buy from you online. Most people use the Internet in their native language. Knowing that, if you want to sell abroad, translate your website in the local language(s)!

3.      A Multilingual Site Will Broaden Your Audience

You might think that if you have your website in English, most people can read it. Nowadays, only 25.3% of internet users are native English speakers. And as a large number of people only read on the internet in their own native language, you’re missing three quarters of potential readers if your site is English only. Now I won’t suggest you should translate your website in all possible available languages but do try at least to reach the markets that are of interest to you!

We should not forget that nowadays, even a fair part of the people living in your own country will not have the same native language as you have. 5.5 Million residents of the United Kingdom don’t have English as their mother tongue!

4.      A Multilingual Website Is a Powerful SEO Tool

The same goes for your SEO strategy. Internet users browse the web with searches in search engines, most do these searches in their own language. To be found, you need content in their languages! Furthermore, part of SEO is the time that users spend on your website after having found it in a search engine. If they arrive on your site and discover it is not in their language, they’ll just bounce back to the page they came from, therefore spending very little time on your site. A search engine measures this time, and your ranking will go down if people don’t stay on your site!
SEO for multilingual websites is worth another post, which I will write soon! It is more than just translate your text and keywords…

5.      A Multilingual Website helps you win your Potential Buyers’ Trust

With a version of your site in their language, visitors of your site will appreciate the effort made. They will recognize this effort as a huge step from you in their direction and in return,therefore they will offer you their trust more easily.

6.      A Multilingual Website Differentiates You from Your Competition

Research has shown that some 80% of all website content is in English (only). We have already seen that only 25.3% of internet users are native English speakers. If you translate your website, you’ll have some of the 20% of content that is available for some of the other 75% of internet users. You will be a big step ahead of your competition! And on top of that:

7.      A Multilingual Website is Good for the Image you send to the World

A website in multiple languages shows the world that you are open-minded and ready to go global. It will improve your image even towards your local clients. If the internet users that land on your site don’t know you yet, a multilingual website will give them the (false?) impression that you are a global company. This helps for brand awareness (nr 1) and building trust (nr 5) too.

71/2. You Support Freelance Translators with your Multilingual Website

And finally, you obviously won’t just use Google translation or another automatic translator for something as important as your website, your display to the world, so you’ll also allow freelance translators to do their jobs! For you, this is probably not a valid reason to have a multilingual website. It is for me though, I therefore numbered this one seven-and-a-half!

The 7 valid reasons should be enough to convince you to make a translation of your website in one or more different languages. Reason 7 and a half could be a reason you want to contact me, if so, please don’t hesitate!


Written by Linda Groen – Onligne Rédaction >> linda@onligne-redaction.com



1 July-August 2006: CSA Research: Can’t read, won’t buy. An International Survey of Global Consumer Buying Preferences



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