About me

About me and onLiGne Redaction

I am Linda and I have started my freelance business last year. Right now, I am web editor, copywriter, translator and my own boss. I work freelance from my home (in France) and I love it!

I was born and raised in The Netherlands. During my bachelor’s degree I have left my country, first to do an Erasmus exchange programme in France (Cergy Pontoise) and later for my internship in Brussels. After having the degree, I have first lived and worked in France, before going back to Brussels. Now, I have been in France for approx. 20 years, 10 of which in Figeac, Lot (46-Occitanie).

I have for long time had a passion for both writing and reading, multilingual and international communication and international trade. I still have… I now combined these passions into my own freelance business in “Multilingual Writing and Translations”.

I also have professional experience in international sales (from pricing to billing), multilingual negotiations and customer relations, mostly in the industrial sector. But I have also worked in Purchasing and in organisation of in-company training.

About my education, I have obtained a bachelor’s degree in business management (BBA) in European Studies,and did one module of an MBA (Export management). And before starting my freelance business, I did courses in Web editing, Copywriting and SEO, all at Comptoir des Rédacteurs (France).