What is copywriting anyway?

Copywriting is the Art of convincing someone, by using a well written text, to do exactly what we’d want him to do. Basically, a copywriter will try to convert (passive) readers in (active) customers, or followers, or prospects. Keywords for a copywriter are conversion and persuasion.

It is not about publicity campaigns.

Copywriting is a way to help a company reach targets (number of customers, turnover…), it is essential for a manager to master copywriting. Or to outsource it.…

What I can do for you

I can write your persuasive copy that will convert readers in customers. To make sure that they will not just read to website, but that they also react to it! The reaction can be a subscription to your newsletter, buying from your site of just sending a request for more information.

I can offer you the following:
• landing pages (the pages where your future clients will “land” if they click on a “Call to Action” in for example an Ad or a Newsletter;
• Facebook Ads of Google Ads;
• Your e-mailings;
• Product descriptions;
• A sales letter;
• Etcetera

Trilingual copywriting

As my articles for your website, my copywriting can be done in English, in Dutch or in French.